Energy Training

LSU-IAC Training Program 


Our team strives to train engineering students to become creative problem-solvers in the field and
identify solutions for more sustainable manufacturing and commercial practices. This guideline is for a month-long training program leading to an on-campus assessment to test the knowledge students gain from the tutorial videos. 

Week 1


Air Compressor: Supply                                                       Begin Quiz

Air Compressor: Demand                                                    Begin Quiz

Electricity and Demand Management                                 Begin Quiz


Week 2


Efficiency in Industrial                                                         Begin Quiz

Efficiency in Industrial Cooling Towers                               Begin Quiz

Motors                                                                                   Begin Quiz


Week 3


Basic of Process Heating and Heating Efficiency               Begin Quiz

Heat Containment and Reusing Waste Heat                                    Begin Quiz

Steam                                                                                   Begin Quiz

Steam Distribution and End Use                                         Begin Quiz


Week 4


Instrument and AR Training with LSU-IAC Grad Students

(Hosted in CM Lab 3131)


On-Campus Assessment with LSU-IAC Assistant Directors 




A big thank you to Dr. Michael Muller and the Rutgers University field team for putting together this comprehensive training series for IAC students all over the country!