The LSU-IAC notes all the places data will appear and details where and why it might appear below. Your company’s name and address do not appear in the report other than on the cover. Upon completion of the report, it will be sent to you. The report will not be sent to the US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or any other regulatory body. It will not be released to vendors, utilities, or anyone outside of the Industrial Assessment Center program without your permission. However, to ensure continued high quality, all of our reports are reviewed by an organization at Rutgers University that manages NIAC for the US Department of Energy.


The US Department of Energy may ask us to supply a list of company names and addresses for companies that we have served to make public a list of program participants. The list will not associate company names with report numbers such as plant production, operations, and cost data.


Some data from the report is entered into a national database available for public access on the internet at This data relates to each recommendation. This database is a valuable tool for manufacturers and researchers who want to know the savings from various types of projects. The data entered into the publicly available national database does not include identifiers such as company name, address, and overall production data.


As part of the data submission process, we are required to produce and submit a half-page summary of the results of your facility’s assessment. The document rarely includes specific data and is intended for a non-technical audience. This document is designed to be used as publicity material for the IAC. While the submission is required, the document will not be circulated without your specific approval.



Our work in your company may be a good subject for a future case study or success stories. However, such documents will be subject to your review and approval. We may call you a few months after your assessment is complete to ask about project implementation. Other follow-up initiatives may include the distribution of a short survey.