Eligibility for free Assessments:img_20170208_142101-copy-2

*A plant owned by a large company owning many plants is eligible if the individual plant meets the established criteria.

A manufacturing facility must be within 150 miles of LSU-IAC with an SIC code between 20 and 39.

You must be willing to supply certain data about energy use (copies of electric and natural gas bills for 12 months), number of employees, annual production, gross annual sales, and other items.

  • Gross annual sales below $100M.
  • Fewer than 500 employees at the plant site.
  • Annual utility bills between $100K and $2.5M.
  • No in-house professional staff to perform the assessment.

A team of students and staff will visit the facility for a single day and compile a report of potential cost-saving measures for the facility. Recommendations will be provided to help small & mid-sized enterprises stay competitive through reduction of costs.

Two months after our team visits your plant you will get a technical report with recommended measures on all cost-saving opportunities identified during the assessment, including applicable rebates and incentives, as well as an estimated implementation cost and pay back information.

  • Utilize energy-efficient belts and other improved mechanics;
  • Establish a predictive maintenance program;
  • Eliminate leaks in inert air intakes gas and compressed are lines/valves;
  • Install compressor air intakes in coolest locations;
  • Reduce the pressure of compressed air to the minimal required.