To be eligible for an assessment, please review the general requirements below. If your company does not meet these requirements, our team can request special permission from the DOE and Rutgers field office to conduct an assessment at your facility. For questions or special permission please email lsuiac@lsu.edu.

Manufacturing Facility


·  Location in Louisiana or surrounding area                (~150 miles from LSU)

·  Annual energy bills between $100,000 and                $3,500,000 per year

·  Annual sales under $250 million

·  Fewer than 500 employees per site

·   No in-house energy professional staff

·   SIC Code 20-39/ NAICS 31-33



Commercial Building


·  Location in Louisiana or surrounding                 area (~150 miles from LSU)

·  100,000 square feet or less


Wastewater Plants


·  Location in Louisiana or surrounding                 area (~150 miles from LSU)

·  Size limit of 3-10 million gallons per day

·  NAICS 22



If you are interested in working with our team, please fill out the brief application form below. Once received, a team member will reach out to gather basic information about the facility and schedule the assessment. There is information that is required for our program to conduct the assessment including the previous 12-months of utility bills. A sample pre-assessment questionnaire can be downloaded below. These questions will be discussed in further detail during the introduction meeting.